Why who we are is important to the coins we collect

Coins are a lot of things – pieces of metal, currency, miniature works of art, an embodiment of our history, national identity. And sometimes they are all of those things and more.

Sometimes a coin is issued that just means so much more to you. It’s an intangible thing.

The Royal Mint has just issued such a coin for me and it has already sold out.

DN 2020 UK Queen 1oz coin product images obv rev - Why who we are is important to the coins we collect

The Official UK Queen Silver Proof £2 Coin

My Mum was a Queen fan. My brother and I were brought up to operatic sounds of Bohemian Rhapsody, the disco beat of Another One Bites The Dust and everything in between.

I can still remember my mum crying when news of Freddie Mercury’s untimely death broke.

That’s when I understood what music can do to you. Either consciously or subconsciously, we allow music to penetrate our souls.

It becomes the soundtrack to our lives, with key times and moments intrinsically linked to a particular song or artist.

And Queen are a band that perhaps soundtrack more lives than any other.

Go almost anywhere in the world and see what song is being played when a team wins a championship. We are the Champions is ubiquitous. There isn’t a person who doesn’t know the beat to We Will Rock You.

That’s why this issue is causing so much excitement amongst collectors. Queen and Queen songs have such a cult status.

But the strength of feeling is not exclusive to a music legend. If your father or grandfather served in the Second World War, you may have a natural attraction to WWII or even military coins.

Who we are will often shape the coins we choose to collect.

With that in mind, which of the following collecting themes are you most interested in? You can tick all that apply and we’ll share the results soon.

If you’re interested…

One of the topics I didn’t mention was politics, but most of us have a pretty strong view and it would certainly push us towards some, and away from other coins.

The Brexit issues are a good example of this, but I’ve actually heard from a lot of “remainers” who have added Brexit coins to their collection because it represents such an important moment for our country. Their political standpoint is secondary to the historic moment.

Have you added a Brexit issue to your collection yet? I have limited numbers of the Brexit DateStamp™ Sovereign available for pre-order.

It will be issued on 31 January, with just 995 Sovereigns to be hand-selected, encapsulated and preserved in this special one-day-only DateStamp™ issue alongside an official postmark with 31 January 2020 – BREXIT day.

Click here to make the Brexit DateStamp™ Sovereign yours

DY 2020 UK Brexit Sovereign capsule - Why who we are is important to the coins we collect

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